Mission & Goals


Inspiring innovation in Oregon by emulating nature’s genius.



Biomimicry Oregon seeds life-friendly innovation by inspiring people to put nature’s genius to work in organizations by:

  • connecting people from all sectors with biomimicry resources and each other,
  • increasing awareness of the value and practice of biomimicry, and;
  • catalyzing projects and celebrating successes.


Core Values

  • Collaboration – We believe in the “power of we,” and operate in an inclusive, collaborative manner.
  • Transformation – To create a sustainable region, all sectors must transform to live within nature’s means. We focus on building awareness, education, and action.
  • Biomimicry – We believe biomimicry is a powerful framework for sustainability, using nature as measure, model and mentor.
  • Humility – We believe we have a lot to learn… from the natural world and each other.
  • Respect – We believe in the intrinsic value of all beings and treat one another and the natural world with respect.



  • Advance sustainable development by building partnerships founded on a bio-regional ethos.
  • Strengthen existing programs aimed at building environmental stewardship among citizens.
  • Offer new perspectives to environmental education and curriculum.
  • Build leadership and new levels of involvement from environmental fields.
  • Enhance and broaden academic research opportunities.

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