Biomimicry Nature Walk Game

August 26, 2014 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Outside World Forestry Center (Washington Park)
4033 Southwest Canyon Road
Portland,OR 97221
Free. Open to Public

Biomimicry Life's Principles Game

Join us for an exciting Life’s Principles Biomimicry game while interacting with nature in an outdoor environment.

The brainstorming game activity draws from nature’s examples, human problems and Life’s Principles to generate new ideas. The game educates us about Biomimicry and illustrates the inspirational insights, Life’s Principles have to offer.

The goal is for participants to expand their thinking while increasing awareness of sustainability in design and actively incorporating Life’s Principles. As participants play, they learn that Life’s Principles are not constraints, but rather an inspiration source for more innovative ideas.

The game is versatile and can be adapted to any discipline.

(Game concept created by PNCA MFA Collaborative Design ’15 students — Jake McIntire, Kailey Fry, Alicia Navarrette, and Crystal Rome)

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