August 2012


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Genius of Place




A “Genius of Place” (GoP) looks to the living creatures and plants of a particular place to provide guidance and models for establishing locally attuned strategies for design.

Biomimicry Oregon has begun work on a Genius of Place for the Portland metro area. We are excited about this project that will develop 3-5 Genius of Place stories for our region, and introduce the potential of biomimicry to inspire healthy, resilient design to a wider audience.


Send us your challenges!

We invite you to help shape this project by sending us your challenges! We will select three local challenges to investigate and would like to hear from you as to what sustainability challenges you are grappling with.

Please take a few minutes to fill out our survey.


There are many ways to engage in this project, and we’d love to hear from you if you are interested in helping in any of the following ways:

  • Engage people in your realm/sector to identify challenges or attend workshop.
  • Share ideas on how to design this project for lasting impact.
  • Fundraise $8,200.
  • Create a buzz… report on project activities through media/social media.


Project Deliverables & Outcomes


  • Genius of Place Study >> Catalyze the application of biomimicry via a tangible set of tools.
  • Ideation Workshop >> Introduce 50-100 design and research professionals to biomimicry.
  • Summary Report >> Create a process that can be replicated here and in other regions.
  • Provide an environment for working collaborations between unlikely partners.

Coming Soon

Monthly biomimicry meetings designed to connect, learn, and practice applying biomimicry to challenges!

In the News

Biomimicry Oregon’s Mary Hansel is teaching a month-long web-based course on biomimicry for sustainability professionals through the International Society of Sustainability Professionals. Check it out!

  1. Learn about the challenges faced by local industries
  2. Look and listen for ways local geniuses address the challenges of our landscape.
  3. Encourage “locally attuned” innovation & design strategies that match our local operating conditions and ecologies.
  • Support metro area’s leadership in green building, sustainability, and place-based activities
  •  Inspire resilient, adaptive, sustainable solutions
  • Add new dimension to ecosystem services work already underway
  • Help promote the biomimicry meme in Oregon
  • On the leading edge of a global initiative

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