Free Biomimicry Talk in Bend: February 7th

Biomimicry: Sustainable Innovation Inspired by Nature


Join Karen Allen, naturalist and Certified Biomimicry Professional, for an evening of discovery and celebration of Nature’s Genius.

Biomimicry is an old practice and new discipline that emulates nature’s time-tested strategies for surviving and thriving sustainably on Earth. Come learn about Biomimicry and examples of sustainable products, processes, and systems modeled after life’s 3.8 billion years of R&D: formaldehyde-free building materials modeled after mussels, networks that emulate slime mold, and self-cleaning paint inspired by lotus leaves. Learn about educational opportunities in Biomimicry and about Biomimicry Oregon, an emerging network that aims to put nature’s genius to work in every organization in the state.

A 1-hour talk will be followed by 30 minutes of Q & A.


More information about Karen’s connection to Biomimicry:

More information about Biomimicry:

What: Biomimicry: Sustainable Innovation Inspired by Nature
When: Feb 7, 2012.
6:00-7:30 pm
Where: Central Oregon Environmental Center, Bend, OR
Contact Name: Karen Allen    (link to
Contact phone: 541-617-1380

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