Genius of Place

canopyWhat if we addressed local challenges with local solutions that have been tested and successfully used over eons by the local organisms, processes, and ecosystems (the “geniuses”) that also call this place home? Biomimicry Oregon, a regional network affiliated with Biomimicry 3.8, with generous support from the Bullitt Foundation, recently convened 45 stormwater designers, researchers, policymakers, and entrepreneurs to share a few of the strategies employed by local geniuses to manage rainwater flow. Workshop participants ideated 30 novel ways to manage stormwater based on these lessons from nature. The purpose of this report is to tell the story of developing a Genius of Place (GofP) study for the northern Willamette Valley, where Portland, Oregon is located.

Project objectives were to:

  • Catalyze the application of biomimicry in the Portland, Oregon area by developing a GofP study;
  • Inspire tangible, sustainable design applications;
  • Introduce 50-100 design and research professionals to biomimicry;
  • Develop a process to guide further development of GofP studies in Oregon and other regions;
  • Foster working collaborations among diverse partners; and
  • Build the Biomimicry Oregon network.
  • This is a pilot project that is part of a grander vision to:
  • Develop place-based data to improve the triple bottom line performance of projects;
  • Develop a databank of design principles abstracted from nature to inform local planning,
  • design, and policymaking; and
  • Integrate biomimetic strategies and learning into Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
  • (STEM) and environmental education.

Download the Project Summary

Download the Workshop Breakout Group Ideas

Download the Process Report

Green Bomber Worm Video about Oregon Local Genius of Place ideas

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