National Biomimicry Events in Portland!

Biomimicry Oregon is stoked about Biomimicry 3.8’s choice to hold two national events in Portland in May & June 2012!

First, Professional Pathways taught a 3-day Biomimicry Backyard workshop May 5-7 at the Zoo and World Forestry Center. Coming up – the 6th Annual Biomimicry Education Summit, June 22-24, 2012 with a pre-summit 1-day biomimicry workshop for educators on June 21! More info and to register: . I’ll talk more about the upcoming Summit and Biomimicry Oregon’s planned participation in an upcoming post. But first, a recap of the Biomimicry Backyard Workshop!

Dayna Baumeister and Oregon’s own Karen Allen led students through the basics of biomimicry, and hands-on exploration of Life’s Principle (rules for well-adapted design as developed over the last 3.8 billion years) and the methodology of using Nature as Mentor, Model and Measure, which can be followed for any design challenge. Regina Rowland deepened the learnings through her graphic recording.

Talk about unleashing creative energy! Exploring the challenge of designing for disassembly, the “Connectors” team looked to sawfly and damselfly wings to inspire interlocking and reversable joint attachments. Climate change impacts of rising sea levels and increasing flooding led another team to design buildings that rise in response to rising water inspired by turgor pressure in plants.

Student feedback was very enthusiastic and positive!

“I wasn’t infected with biomimicry during the workshop though; the reason been I was already infected when I got there. However, after been directly exposed to biomimicry, you can say I am now highly infectious and can’t wait to spread the virus.” – Luciana Botner Vieira

“Meaningful and hands-on knowledge about biomimicry. You can enter the workshop without knowing a thing about biomimicry and leave feeling fully capable of implementing it into your work and life!” – Nicole Isle, Sustainability Consultant, Brightworks

“Amazing experience. Much more than a design tool, biomimicry can be a life-changing way of thinking and a great opportunity to reconnect with nature.” – Anderson da Silva Santos, Product Designer, Natura

“Biomimicry is a powerful tool for designers pursuing regenerative design and development. It provides exercises and processes that help designers to understand and create conditions conducive to life.” – PhaedraSvec, Architect, BNIM

“Well-done, organized, fun and informative, innovative and inspiring.” – Marsha Forthofer, Kimberly Clark


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